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Ludlow and Wallace on MITP Podcast

That’s Ludlow as in Peter Ludlow, who founded the Second Life Herald, and Wallace as in myself, who occasionally does some work over there. We’re interviewed on Episode #2 of the MIT Press podcast, which you can listen to via this link. (You have to listen through some advertisements for the podcast itself at the beginning, for some reason.) MIT, of course, is who’s publishing our book, The Second Life Herald: The Virtual Tabloid That Witnessed the Dawn of the Metaverse, which is due out any minute now — or anyway, at the end of the month. We talk about Second Life, of course, issues of governance in the metaverse, the future of metaversal technologies, and a few other things. I think we were spared any annoying furry sex questions in this one, which was nice. Check it out.

SecondCast #60: C.C. Chapman’s Virtual Thirst

SecondCast #60 is now on the air, featuring an interview with podcaster C.C. Chapman and Steve Coulson (aka Second Life‘s Cleon Goff and Gideon Television) of Crayon, the new media marketing firm that launched last year. The pair relate their experience designing Coca-Cola’s Virtual Thirst contest, in which Coke drinkers (or anyone, for that matter, whether you’re a member of Second Life or not) can submit their ideas for the coolest, most fantastical virtual thirstquencher. There might be some news thrown in there as well.

See You Bright and Early at PodCamp NYC

The distinguishing characteristic of my Twitter stream lately has been the arrival in New York of so many of my fellow Twitterati, especially those with podcasts to their name. Why? Because it’s just about time for PodCamp NYC, which kicks off tonight with something that sounds less like a party than like a micro pitchfest, at a place called Slate (54 West 21st Street), and then continues on into Saturday, when I’ll be on an “informal roundtable” at 9am (an inhuman hour for a Saturday-morning podcast-related event, really), talking about “social media convergence and virtual worlds” with SecondCast producer and Fo3 John Swords, Joseph Jaffe, Greg Verdino, and Adam Broitman. To better navigate the event, which is open to all and features more than 100 different talks in 12 different rooms at The New Yorker hotel (481 Eighth Avenue at 34th Street), grab a pdf or interactive calendar of the full schedule. Should be fun, as there are going to be a ton of people in town for this (500 people have already RSVP’d for the party tonight), and you can even follow along to a certain extent in Second Life.

New Metaverse Session: Ethan Zuckerman

John Swords and I recorded a couple of new Metaverse Sessions while we were down at South by Southwest, one with Ethan Zuckerman of Global Voices Online and one with Jamais Cascio of World Changing. Johnny has just posted Ethan’s session (incorrectly labeled #9, even though it’s #10), and there’s some really interesting stuff there. Ethan talks about how Google Maps was used to heighten political awareness in Bahrain, how LiveJournal has become the blogging tool of choice for politically active adults (not kids) in Russia, and the “cyber-utopian dominant narrative” in which everyone gets along in the same online place. We also explore some interesting question of how cultural backgrounds inform the use of technologies, questions that don’t get much discussed (or thought about) in most our metaversal questions. A really cool guest to have for the Sessions, and highly recommended listening.

SecondCast, Live at TalkShoe Tonight (April 4)

Tune in tonight to SecondCast, the podcast Prokofy loves to hate, if you want to give us a piece of your mind: we’ll be recording live on TalkShoe.com, which I guess lets you do stuff like that. If you’re logged into TalkShoe, you oughta be able to click this link to hear us stumble over our tongues from around 10:15pm Eastern time (7:15pm SL time), and Johnny’s going to open up the lines and take questions and comments about halfway through the show. Possible topics of conversation include the recently wrapped Virtual Worlds 2007, the SL framework for Drupal that’s said to be in the works, the Second Life Community Convention, and BanLink, which Prok thinks is going to be brought into the Second Life client at some point soon, and which is sure to inspire a deep philosophical discussion of SL’s evolution from tiny little podunk cow town to the huge metaversal metropolis it is today. Give us a shout.

Bum Rush the Charts With SecondCast Today

SecondCast #55 is on the air! Johnny, Lordfly and Torrid are joined by TheDiva Rockin, co-hostess of The-Broad-Cast.com, favorite podcast of oversexed metaversal Jersey girls everywhere, to chat about Twitter, the Second Life Relay For Life, and the international podcasting effort to Bum Rush the Charts, which is going on all day today. This is a coordinated effort by podcasters and listeners to drive a podcast artist to the #1 position in the iTune store “as a demonstration of our reach to Main Street and our purchasing power to Wall Street.” Go buy the song right now — you want to try to buy it while it’s still March 22. [If that link doesn’t work, try this one.] Or if you need more convincing, read on. Continue reading

Twitter Me At South by Southwest

I’m scurrying around this morning getting what ducks I can in a row before leaving for a 1:35pm JetBlue flight from JFK to Austin and South by Southwest. (I’m in seat 12B; say hi!) Might blog from the airport if I have time, but for now I just want to wave to anyone who’ll be there (or who won’t) and invite you to Twitter me if anything interesting is going on or you just want to meet up for a chat; I’d love to hear from you. As noted previously, I’m moderating a Screenburn panel on Monday at 11:30am on user-created content in online games and virtual worlds, featuring Raph Koster, Betsy Book, Corey Bridges and Reuben Steiger, so of course I’m hoping we get a good crowd for that — and bring your challenging questions. There are a couple of panels I want to check out, as well as Philip Torrone and Limor Fried’s keynote, which promises to be weird and wooly, if I know that pair. But mostly I think I’ll be wandering the halls, hoping to get a few good geeksleeps in, handing out my new Moo cards to anyone who wants one, and looking for interesting people to talk to and maybe even write about. John Swords and I may try to catch a couple of people and revive our short-lived podcast, the Metaverse Sessions, so let us know if you have anything interesting to talk about. Other than that? Who know. See you in Texas.

New Episodes From SecondCast, Grid Review

Episode #53 of SecondCast is up on the SecondCast site (or can be listened to in the sidebar here, or downloaded from iTunes), and it’s fairly hilarious right off the bat. Like really hilarious, as in the first three minutes will have you on the floor. And the bleeps! Hear Lordfly file an abuse report against Johnny’s face. Pretty excellent stuff.

When you’re done with that, go check out Episode #1 of the relaunched Grid Review, the machinima news project being produced by Edelman and the Electric Sheep Company (sponsors of this blog). Now benefitting from the Sheep’s absorption of master machinimators the Ill Clan, as well as expert narration from SecondCast’s own Johnny Ming, the Grid Review is suddenly totally entertaining (whereas the old format was only somewhat entertaining in its own format, if you ask me, despite the presence of some great machinimators). Let’s hope they can keep it up.

A First Year on the Air for SecondCast

A fun new episode of everyone’s favorite Second Life podcast, SecondCast, is now on the air (or on the site, rather). It’s our one-year anniversary, and incredibly, we’ve actually managed to average an episode a week, making this one #52. Johnny, Torrid, Lordfly, Cristiano and myself take a walk down memory lane, reminiscing about fruit griefing, field trips and SecondCast’s own war of the worlds. We also cover some news of the day. Happy Birthday, us!

Promoting Second Life: The Official Guide

Promoting Second Life: The Official Guide
Click image for JimmyJet Fossett’s Flickr set from the event

No, not the official guide to promoting Second Life. Second Life resident JimmyJet Fossett snapped a bunch of good pictures of last night’s in-world author appearance promoting the book Second Life: The Official Guide, which I wrote two chapters of, and he was kind enough to send along a link to the Flickr set where they’re posted. There were a few great avatars in attendance, so they’re worth checking out. No good griefers, unfortunately. Continue reading

American Forces Network’s Virtual World News

Who knew the American Forces Network (which I believe is an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense) had a weekly podcast called Virtual World News? It’s just a few minutes, and it’s really just games-related news, not specific to virtual worlds, but it was a surprising find. On reflection, of course, it’s not surprising at all. It’s not hard to imagine the members of our armed forces in Europe hankering after some good old-fashioned gaming news. This is not a phrase that would normally cross my lips, but: Go DoD!

3pointD on the Road: SXSWi, PodCamp, VW07

It’s conference season, and 3pointD is hitting the road to flap our gums (or mine, anyway, if I could get out of the third person) at a handful of cool upcoming events. First up is the ScreenBurn festival at South by Southwest Interactive. I did a presentation at ScreenBurn last year, along with Peter Ludlow, on our brilliant work over at the Second Life Herald. At that point, ScreenBurn, which covers the gaming industry, was crammed into one corner of a huge empty hall with a few dozen chairs set around a makeshift podium. This year it graduates to the big leagues, taking place upstairs alongside SXSWi. On March 12 I’ll be running a panel on Gamer’s Games: Microcontent and User Creation, which should hopefully cover everything from making skirts in There.com and Second Life on up to building worlds in Multiverse and Areae. Chatting with me will be There’s Betsy Book, Reuben Steiger of virtual world services firm Millions of Us, Multiverse’s Corey Bridges, and Raph Koster, who by then will be able to give more details on just what his new shop, Areae, is working on. This should be a really fun panel, as pretty much all of us know each other already, so I’m hoping for something more chatty and interactive than the usual fare. Continue reading

Would You Listen to a 3pointD Podcast? Why?

I’ve been thinking for a while now about starting up my own podcast, a short solo show devoted to the metaverse in all its glorious manifestations. I’m slightly skeptical, though, as to whether anyone would actually listen to such a beast. On the other hand, SecondCast (which no, I’m not quitting, sorry Cristiano) has a huge audience, as does this blog. So I thought I’d ask you: Would you listen to a 3pointD podcast? What would make that more likely? How long should it be? Any suggestions for regular features? Anything you don’t want to hear? Should I host it over at PodShow, which is what I’m thinking of doing? Or should I just forget it and keep my mouth shut?

Oh and also, if anyone can link me to some simple guides for recording podcasts (preferably on Mac, but PC could work too), I’d be grateful. I think I have a system going, but alternatives would be nice to know about.

I’ll be talking to you.

A Half Century of SecondCast

SecondCast episode #50 now on the airOnly cricket fans will realize that I don’t mean 50 years here, I mean 50 episodes. That’s right, the 50th episode of SecondCast, Second Life’s favorite podcast, is now on the air. We’ll pass our one-year anniversary sometime in February, which means we’ve been keeping up a remarkably good schedule of almost a podcast a week. Once again, kudos to Johnny Ming for pulling it all together and keeping us in line. Tune in to Episode #50 for a long discussion with Aerdr1e Fabre of Second Life matchmaking service Tea and Sympathy (which can be found in the »Infamy region« of SL (in a skybox, natch), and hear what Cristiano’s looking for in a mate. And despite the fact that I’ve been having Skype problems lately (grrr), downloads are apparently higher than ever, currently running at something in the low five figures per episode. Wow. Nice to know that someone other than ourselves is enjoying what we’re up to. Special thanks to Matthew in Georgia for the extra cool illustration he sent along to celebrate Episode #50 — and for continuing to listen despite the fact that he hasn’t used Second Life in months! Interesting.

SecondCast #48: Christmas Smackdown

Episode 48 of SecondCast, our weekly podcast about Second Life, is now on the air. We cover Christmas presents and game consoles and get into some of the more interesting corporate initiatives in the virtual world of Second Life, including the Grid Review, and Pontiac’s Motorati Life, both of which are great examples of promotional undertakings which mesh with and add to native SL culture. We wring our hands a bit over the hand-wringing about Second Life’s population, and Cristiano and I get into a good old-fashioned, chair-throwing smackdown over the issue of Prokofy Neva’s having been harassed over the real-world telephone by what seems to be a virtual-world nemesis. All good stuff. Happy new year.

SecondCast is Watching Big Brother Second Life

Or at least, we’re talking to one of the Big Brother Second Life contestants on SecondCast #46. In this case, it’s TheDivaRockin, who’s a podcaster herself, as well as being a hoot of a guest — and having made it through to the second round! One thing I liked about having TheDiva on the show was that she was one of the few guests we’ve had who seemed to treat Second Life as just another corner of the Internet, rather than as some mystical place that’s an escape from anything “real.” And she has some energy, and is not afraid to dish. A fun show.

Reuben Steiger Roadcasts 3pointD

I had the honor yesterday of chatting with Reuben Steiger, CEO of virtual-world services company Millions of Us, for the first in a series of podcasts he plans to do from his car during his 15-minute drive to work each morning. (I’m calling this technique “roadcasting.”) We mostly covered the State of Play / Terra Nova symposium I’d been at, but Reuben also started a betting pool going as to how many registered users Second Life would garner by the end of the year. Free to enter, prize is US$500 in cold, hard, taxable cash. Give us a listen.

SecondCast Goes to the Machinima Festival

Check out SecondCast, Episode #42, in which Johnny Ming roams the halls of the 2006 Machinima Festival of the Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences. (I was there too, but would only sit still to be interviewed by Johnny about the New York City “Pay Walker’s Rent” Marathon.) There was some great machinima on display, and some interesting characters on the podcast, as always. Unfortunately, though we were all rooting for Pierce Portocarrero‘s excellent Game Over to win one of the several awards for which it was nominated, Pierce will have to wait until next year. That’s understandble, though, in an environment in which a film about restroom etiquette wins the prize for best writing.

A Double Dose of SecondCast, With Machinima

Two new episodes of SecondCast, Johnny Ming’s weekly podcast about the virtual world of Second Life, on which I’m a regular co-host, just hit the pipes. Episode 40 is one of our regular newscasts — though a particularly cogent and informative one, for a change. Episode 39, on the other hand, is a horse of an entirely different color, being our first full-length machinima podcast, in anticipation of the upcoming Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences annual machinima festival, being held this weekend. Johnny, Torrid, Lordfly, Cris, moo Money and I spend some time checking out recent Second Life machinima entries — in a style that may remind you of a certain television show that featured silhouetted avatars viewing other people’s movies. NOTE: Don’t forget to check out the machinima festival in Second Life this Thursday, when a preview of some SL work will be running. Read more at Rik Riel’s blog.

SecondCast #38: Raking Through the Muck

I haven’t to this episode of SecondCast yet (I had to miss the taping), but from what I’m told, the sparks were flying. Johnny Ming and Torrid Midnight co-host a discussion of the many real-world corporations that have come into the virtual world of Second Life lately, and the kind of press coverage they’re getting. Guests include Spin Martin, SNOOPYbrown Zamboni (aka Jerry Paffendorf of the Electric Sheep Company), and the most muckraking tabloid journalist in cyberspace, Urizenus Sklar, founder of the Second Life Herald, where he’s been kicking butt and taking names lately. And getting all hot and bothered about the hyperbole he sees in the mainstream media’s coverage of Second Life. It’s a bit of a pot and kettle situation, that, but Uri’s just doing his job. As is the press, which usually goes through a cycle of hype when exciting new things come along. That’s followed by a cycle of skepticism, and finally, if the subject lasts long enough, coverage settles down into something approaching balanced. The challenge for Second Life will be to keep growing long enough to reach the balanced period.

Podcasters’ “Uncompany” to do “New Marketing”

Take a listen to today’s edition of C.C. Chapman’s Managing the Gray podcast for news of a new “uncompany,” composed of podcasters C.C., Joseph Jaffe of Across the Sound, and Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson of For Immediate Release, that’s going to be doing “new marketing,” i.e., marketing primarily through new outlets like virtual worlds, rather than primarily through traditional avenues of print, radio and television. C.C., of course, is a big fan of Second Life and, in fact, part owner of the new Dirty sim, where myself, SecondCast producer John Swords, SLPodcast‘s Jeremy Vaught, and SLStats.com‘s Mark Barrett have taken up residence. The company will have an SL presence in a different sim, so look for projects coming in-world soon from these guys. The company is running half under the radar and half above: they’re not giving out word of what its name is yet, but everyone’s clearly excited. Good to see more competition coming into the field, but the question now is whether there’s enough business out there to keep everyone in $800 microphones and other podcasting equipment.

SecondCast #36: Consciousness-Raising

Check out the latest episode of SecondCast to hear us chat to Aimee Weber about the work she’s doing to bring the United Nations’ campaign against poverty into Second Life. We also cover the news, of course, this time in the company of special guest co-host Chance Takashi, high bidder on a Second Life Herald profile to benefit the American Cancer Society. Chance’s appearance in voice settled a bet that had been going on for some time among residents of the Caledon steampunk sims. Read Chance’s profile for more details.

SecondCast #35: Marathon Pants

Check out the latest SecondCast, in which most of the ‘casters (I was absent with the flu) do stuff like try on pants from our “Get Philip in Your Pants” contest, and chat with a live audience in Second Life. Special guest Koz Farina talks about his very cool BlogHUD, and the podcasters generally run off at the mouth in what became a marathon after-hours session. Listen in on one of the more hilarious episodes in the SecondCast archives.

SecondCast #34: And Now, The News

The latest episode of SecondCast, the only Second Life podcast that matters, is now available for your listening pleasure. We stick to the news in episode #34, covering Grid crashes, power outages at Linden Lab, and Hamlet’s recent video interview and wandering tongue, among other things. With special guest co-host, machinima queen Moo Money, for extra spice. Check it out.

SecondCast #33: Muse, Music and MySpace

There’s a new SecondCast on the air: in Episode #33 we talk to Mike Prevost of Muse Isle, a Second Life venue for live music performance, and Cylindrian Rutabaga, who often plays there. An interesting look at what it’s like to gig in the virtual world. Plus, listen along as the SecondCasters pimp their MySpace pages in order to try and get a record deal. Exciting!

SecondCast #32: No IP Rights in SL

The latest episode of SecondCast, our podcast about all things Second Life, is now on the air. In episode #32, we hear from SecondCast cast member Torrid Midnight, who reports that she’s leaving Second Life (and SecondCast, unfortunately) for an indefinite amount of time. Her exit was precipitated by a nasty conflict over IP rights in Second Life, during which Torrid was pretty badly abused, by people who didn’t really have a leg to stand on. More after the jump. Continue reading

Future of Virtual Worlds at AGC, the Audio File

powered by ODEO

Well, it took me a while, not being particularly handy with various audio applications, but I’ve finally got the audio file (listen above) from our panel on the future of virtual worlds at the Austin Game Conference last week posted for your listening pleasure. Give it an ear and let us know what you think of the Big Ideas we’re bandying about. Is there in fact a 3pointD moment in the offing? Is it sustainable? Are there any ideas here we should be talking about at the 3pointD meetup we’ve been talking about lately? Let us know.

SecondCast #30: Privacy and Private Jokes

Johnny “Jazz Hands” Ming is back, with the latest episode of Second Life‘s favorite podcast, SecondCast. In Episode #30 we talk to Mark Barrett, who created the SLStats.com site, which has caused no small amount of controversy among SL residents. SLStats, until Mark altered the site, tracked how much time you’d spent in Second Life, where you’d been and who you’d met there. But community pressure over privacy concerns led Mark to scale down the functionality. It’s an interesting discussion over privacy concerns in general, and how they manifest themselves in virtual worlds in particular. We’ve been on a bit of a hiatus lately, but stay tuned for more — including SecondCast’s first taping in front of a live audience, at the recent Second Life Community Convention. Fun stuff.

Mapping SL’s Teen Grid

Map of the Teen Grid of the virtual world of Second Life
Second Life’s teen grid

I was browsing Cristiano Midnight’s Second Life snapshot site SnapZilla last night while we were recording SecondCast and came across the picture above, which is a screen grab of SL’s in-world user interface showing the map of the known Grid — only in this case it’s the Teen Grid, where users age 12-17 must start out before graduating to the 18-and-over Main Grid of SL proper. (If you’re under 12, you’re out of luck.) I post it here simply as an interesting insight into life on the Teen Grid, which doesn’t produce a lot of news, for various reasons (including issues of privacy). In fact, we’ve interviewed a teen Grid resident before on SecondCast, which made for an interesting show. Despite the fact that the size and population of the Teen Grid is much smaller (exact figures aren’t available from Linden Lab), the teens get up to much the same things the adults do. Although Barry Joseph of Global Kids, one of the few adults with access to a portion of the Teen Grid, has great insights into how life in the sister worlds differs in this episode of SecondCast.

For comparison, a shot of the map of the Main Grid after the jump. Continue reading

SecondCast #29: zzzzz . . .

Second Cast Episode #29 is out, and it’s a real snoozer! Actually, I haven’t listened to it yet (I missed the taping yet again, unfortunately), but as Johnny Ming puts it in his show notes, “The show was so riveting that Cristiano fell asleep.” The crew also interviews SL resident Tony Tigereye, owner of the Tropics Casino, discusses the recent Suzanne Vega concert in SL, and more on texture IP rights. Your challenge: stay awake through the entire thing.