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SXSW Xcript: Where the F is Mapping Now?

Dan Catt’s mapping panel was a very cool session that was difficult to synthesize at the speed it went by, but I think I got most of what the panelists said. All very 3pointD.

Moderator: Rev. Dan Catt, from Geobloggers.com and Flickr
Tom Carden from Random Etc.
Aaron Straup Cope from Flickr
Jerry Paffendorf from the Electric Sheep Company
Ian White from Urban Mapping Inc.

Catt first asked everyone without laptops to stand up and shake their hands in front of them in order to wake up, then groan quietly like a zombie, then louder than the person next to you. Two questions before you sit down: Who objects to swearing, say boo. Those who don’t object to swearing, say Fuck Yeah. (You can imagine which was louder.)

Cope talked about how we tell where things are. Shows a quote from Douglas Coupland’s Shampoo Planet. “History and geography are being thrown away.” Cope: This is wrong.

Cope: Geography helps set the stage for an experience, history gives an experience context and nuance. We have theselocation devices that tell you where things are. I could care less where the nearest Starbucks is. I don’r eally care about driving directions either. But if I’m at a place, I would love to be able to see what came before and have a sense of its history. Continue reading

Bring On(line) the Gamers

Take them for what you will, but press releases this week from two new gaming portals indicate to 3pointD that the momentum of games as a major entertainment medium continues, as does the migration of more and more gamers online. The services are Verizon’s PlayLinc, which lets gamers host their own FPS and other servers for free, and Ijji.com, a free single- and multi-player portal for more casual gamers from Korean game company NHN, which comes complete with a little customizable avatar to represent your online presence (though I couldn’t get the avatar creation screen to work on my Mac, for some reason — finally got it going in IE on my PC). Continue reading

Build Your Dream Pwn in Source Forts

Source Forts Mod for Half-Life 2
Your humble narrator, waiting for those sweet sweet words: You were killed.

Having abandoned aspirations for a career in first-person shooter (FPS) games a long time ago for reasons related to nausea, disorientation, and an overall skill level that might be best described as Emo, I have nonetheless been fascinated with the genre since its inception, due in large part to game developers making tools such as Software Development Kits and Level Editors available to vibrant amateur communities who then ‘Mod’ their proprietary technologies into new games and gameplay experiences. The possibilities for making and examining architecture within this arena have been another story, seemingly dominated by an established set of conventions for map-making, as evidenced by a preponderance of precisely scattered wooden crates and redundantly symmetrical networks of dimly lit corridors.

To simply look at screenshots many would assume the Source Forts Mod for Half-Life 2 to be just another CounterStrike clone. All I can say to them is duck and cover. While surreptitiously perhaps, the developers of Source Forts have placed architecture and the act of making architecture at center stage, and in so doing have lobbed a 3pointD grenade into the Pantheon of FPS clichés. Continue reading