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Find best offers to buy Halodrol 10 by UmForte, more Fluoxymesterone offers for your steroid cycle. During a diet, Halotestin helps to make brutal intense workout because of the aggressiveness of its consumers increases.

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Pharmacom Labs HalotestosHalotestos

Brand: Pharmacom Labs
Ingredient Fluoxymesterone 10mg
Pack size: 50 tabs

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Alpha-Pharma HalobolHalobol

Brand: Alpha-Pharma
Ingredient Fluoxymesterone 5mg
Pack size: 50 tabs

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Black Dragon Halotestin BDHalotestin BD

Brand: Black Dragon
Ingredient Fluoxymesterone 10mg
Pack size: 30 tabs

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Genesis Halotestin TabletsHalotestin Tablets

Brand: Genesis
Ingredient Fluoxymesterone 5mg
Pack size: 50 tabs

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Dragon Pharma HalotestinHalotestin

Brand: Dragon Pharma
Ingredient Fluoxymesterone 10mg
Pack size: 100 tabs

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Halodrol 10 by UmForte

  • About Fluoxymesterone

    Halotestin is not a universal steroid, it is mainly used by professional weightlifters or bodybuilders. Fluoxymesterone may suppress the natural levels of testosterone in the body, despite the lack of conversion of estrogen. Is also a good idea to use a Halo in those sports where you need high power, such as Rugby, mixed martial arts, etc. In children, exogenous androgens accelerate linear growth rates but may lead to a disproportionately rapid maturation of bones. Halotestin can't change your personality, can not force to change your world, it only reinforces the impulse and desire to achieve new results that will be very useful for some people.
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