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Find best offers to buy Halobol by Ice Pharmaceuticals, more Fluoxymesterone offers for your steroid cycle. Professional athletes and bodybuilders use it the last week before the competition, which makes it possible to burn the remains of adipose tissue and to preserve muscle.

Halobol pricelist

Pharmacom Labs HalotestosHalotestos

Brand: Pharmacom Labs
Ingredient Fluoxymesterone 10mg
Pack size: 50 tabs

50$Buy now
Alpha-Pharma HalobolHalobol

Brand: Alpha-Pharma
Ingredient Fluoxymesterone 5mg
Pack size: 50 tabs

65$Buy now
Black Dragon Halotestin BDHalotestin BD

Brand: Black Dragon
Ingredient Fluoxymesterone 10mg
Pack size: 30 tabs

90$Buy now
Genesis Halotestin TabletsHalotestin Tablets

Brand: Genesis
Ingredient Fluoxymesterone 5mg
Pack size: 50 tabs

150$Buy now
Dragon Pharma HalotestinHalotestin

Brand: Dragon Pharma
Ingredient Fluoxymesterone 10mg
Pack size: 100 tabs

165$Buy now

Halobol by Ice Pharmaceuticals

  • About Fluoxymesterone

    Halotest has the effect of "blowups" of the muscles, due to what makes the form of prepared and dried the athlete more expressive and menacing. Fluoxymesterone is used in men and boys to treat conditions caused by a lack of this hormone, such as delayed puberty or other hormonal imbalances. Fluoxymesterone is an androgen tablets, which has an intense anabolic effect. It has high androgenic activity. However, not many people will use it, as this drug is not very well suited for muscle building. Reviews athletes testify that the claimed effects are really achieved and improve their results in competitions.
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