1. lala

    What the hell does this have to do with secondlife?

    Its pretty obvious looking at 3pointd over the last few months that the ‘restructuring’ at ESC (which owns/sponsors 3pointd) hit here first.

    Why not just admit the truth and call time on this blog, its obviously past its sell by date, there’s been no real news or anything of interest for months.

  2. Mark Wallace

    That’s the great thing about interactive media: the readers can call time themselves — by ceasing to read.

    wrt Second Life: This has never been a Second Life-only blog.

  3. glitch

    both the decline of the music industry and the decline of 3pointD have been greatly exaggerated – look for a future WSJ interview between david byrne’s 2nd cousin eldest son and thom yorke’s niece

  4. Cj

    Well ive been playing mmorpgs for quite a while now and when i play 3d gamesl ike gunz,holic Glitchy crap comes on the comp blue lines everywhere and they things in game looks spikey and i cant see anything happens everytime i play. I think its because i broke piece of a
    sound plug outlet in the comp but its only a little box so i dont think its that.
    Some1 please help or give me a link to download like a gprahic card.
    I have a Dell E510
    Thanks GUys ^.^

  5. sakura

    I find it very interesting interactive media, but always combined with other systems. I believe that wealth is the combination of several methods.