AOL to Launch World of Warcraft Social Net?

Michael Arrington is reporting that the AOL Games Group may be getting ready to launch a social network for World of Warcraft players, since the company owns Could AOL’s reach make a category-killer? Sean Fanning’s Rupture, another WoW socnet, hasn’t particularly taken off, as I understand it. New entrants to virtual world social networking include Koinup as well. More on the subsector at GigaOm.


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  3. WoW Miner

    Wow that is nuts. Is AOL trying to get some of Warcrafts own web traffic? I know that the site has lots of products available for purchase and im sure they pull in a decent bit of cash.

    One thing to note however that just like wow itself, the site is easy to use and packed full of content. AOL got alot of work to do if they think they can take major traffic away from Blizzard itself, unless they are just making a play against all the WoW fansites out there..