Google Virtual World Back in the Rumor Mill

Is Google building a Second Life-like virtual world? Google-watching blog Google Operating System thinks they might be, given that Arizona State University students will have the opportunity to test a new product that sounds very virtual worldy and that also sounds like it will require a Gmail account. Apparently to be “publicly launched later this year,” the product is developed by “a major Internet company” and, says Google Op, “there are hints that the application is related to social networking, 3D modeling and video games.” Want to know for sure? Enroll at ASU. That’s the only way to get in. You know Michael Arrington (from whom I first read this) has his spies crawling the campus already.

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  1. interesting, all these rumours just because of the question for a GMail account.. ;-)

    Hopefully Google will also be interested in joining the SL Architecture Working Group, I doubt it, though.

  2. A rather longer article on this can be found at:

    (thanks to Wayne Smallman of Octane Interactive, for the link)

  3. As has been pointed out in the parent post this already exists

  4. @Tao: Your doubts are probably well founded. :) The systems architecture for a Google Virtual World will probably differ a lot from SLs – even a more open one. Actually, judging by what has become publicly known so far, I very much doubt that this will be Google Earth/Virtual World. An attempt to create a kind of “Facebook with avatars” seems to be a much more plausible interpretation currently…

  5. well, I think we should nevertheless think about an open protocol might also be able to make a virtual world like Google Earth possible. This is actually one of the scenario I put into the wiki. That way we can at least check back when designing the protocol to see what is still possible.

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