Publicis and Dassault Dive In for a 3dswym

Huge global marketing and communications company Publicis and big 3D design company Dassault have teamed up on a new plugin-based 3D browser tool called 3dswym, which will “offer a collaborative Web-based platform allowing marketers to connect directly to consumers in order to jointly create and adapt new consumer goods and new retail environments using advanced Web and 3D tools.” You can plug in and mess around with an early version of 3dswym, but it doesn’t seem to offer anything special at the moment. That said, it sounds like it could be cool once it’s spun up. The tool is based on an interesting premise, though: “Successful marketing must permit consumers to enter the product creation process at a much earlier stage, so that products and services are in fact co-generated with them” according to a press release. Thing is that the global reach and sway of these companies could well help drive things in a more co-creative direction. Keep an eye out for 3dswym coming to a consumer products company near you — although not necessarily soon.


  1. Trevor F. Smith

    They looked at the potential for human culture and learning represented by 3D on the web and came up with new ways for us to choose yogurt packaging.

    Just wow.

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  3. R. Wodar

    If you look at DS as a company it fits the overall strategy to link consumers into the product development process. Their PLM suite of products help R&D and Engineering folks design & manage all kinds of products. Why not include the consumer….perfect!

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