McKinsey Launches US$20,000 Contest in SL

McKinset launches US$20,000 competition in the virtual world of Second Life

Consultants McKinsey & Co. have launched a Virtual Venture Competition in the virtual world of Second Life. [Via Sebastian Kupers, who also provided the image above.] The competition is open to students and young professionals no more than 32 years old, and first prize is US$20,000 in training and career counselling. Teams get 45 days to build a business, but there’s no fixed start or end date, you can apparently jump in at any time. Only a limited number of teams will receive initial funding, however. Speaking of funding, McKinsey is so adamant that no outside funding be used that it will be monitoring account balances during the competition (see the FAQ), so if you want to play, you’ll have to roll a new alt for the purpose. I actually think this sounds like a great project; it should attract young people who aren’t necessarily SL residents already, and it’s a nice vote of confidence that SL is a place with real lessons to be learned. The build looks pretty nice too. Check out McKinsey’s »orientation island« and its »Infocenter«.


  1. Lev Kamenev

    “The competition is open to students and young professionals no more than 32 years old”

    Here, in US, it is called “age discrimination” and there are laws agains it.

  2. Mark Wallace

    @Lev: Do age discrimination laws cover such competitions? There are any number of such contests here in the U.S. that are aimed at young people. I doubt this is actually breaking any laws.

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  4. cube3

    hey lets face it.. anyone over 32 already knows these “prize” contests for “pr” will have you signing away any rights to any business you create.;)

  5. Keenan "Aabye"

    “Awesome Build” not really. The orientation area is mandatory, tells you basic info you should now before ever attempting Second Life. Land ownership inside the competition is impossible, due to basic account, and lack of ability to pay tier through paypal.

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  7. Jizva

    I wonder where the information about having to be 32 or less comes from. I’ve checked the website and it doesn’t say anywhere. I’ve even asked the organizers, and they replied that I am perfectly eligible even if older than 32…

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