Playboy Magazine Enters Second Life

Playboy Magazine Enters Second Life

If you check out the latest ad buy on 3pointD’s cousin publication, the Second Life Herald (see the right sidebar, top), you’ll see that the inevitable is finally about to happen: Playboy Magazine is entering the virtual world of Second Life. No word yet on what form Playboy’s presence there will take, but it would seem to be the perfect place for them. After all, constructing a sexy avatar for yourself is just an extreme version of the airbrushing that often goes on in the pages of higher-end skin mags like Playboy. The possibilities, of course, are very interesting: in-world girlie mag to compete with Marilyn Murphy‘s Players? A Playboy mansion where a virtual Hef and the bunnies will hang out? (Second Lifer’s won’t have any trouble finding things to do in the Grotto.) If there are virtual bunnies, will Playboy take as good care of them as they take of the real ones? RL Playboy Playmates are pretty much set for life; Playboy offers them jobs (albeit they’re usually jobs as professional cheesecake) and often does stuff like help pay for their education. In return, the organization gets a steady supply of buxom women to decorate their parties and functions with. Working as a virtual fleshpot is already a popular pursuit in Second Life; why not get paid a decent wage for it? And while it’s still exploiting the female image, you can’t say it’s exploitative of the women being photographed or hired, since you don’t know whether there’s a woman behind that curvy female av. All very interesting. The ad says Playboy won’t hit SL until June, but you can already sign up for email updates. The shape of things to come? We’ll see.


  1. Ordinal Malaprop

    I suppose that, technically speaking, they’re not worse than the Goreans. That’s about the most complimentary thing I can say.

    Please tell me which metaversal sherpa company is catering to this company so that I can avoid having anything to do with them in future.

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  3. Ordinal Malaprop

    Ah, okay, silly of me, it’s the mention of “the word” that’s getting my comments eaten, which is a bit of an issue when the subject of the post is actually “the word”.

    What I was trying to say was that I was being a bit overdramatic last night but this story (which will no doubt be received well or at least not badly on the grid) combined with all of the gleeful witchhunting I was seeing last night annoyed me.

    Also, I wonder whether they will take any action on use of their trademark(s) if they are actually trying for an SL presence.

  4. Doubledown Tandino

    what SL company is currently envolved with the project? What company is building Playboy’s SL presence? Is there any info at this point as to what RL names or avatars that work for playboy that will be runnung the Playboy build in SL?

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  6. Prokofy Neva

    What’s sad about this is that the Lindens are pushing out indigenous sex workers and amateur sex club managers who helped pay for their bottom line all these years and helped them become profitable, through the entire verification thing — and now ushering in the professionals, a company like Playboy that won’t have to verify itself or its workers because it will have cleared all those hurdles in RL and not care about them, and its patrons may be RL patrons who won’t mind verifying with them through a third-party registration API.

    So it means yet more evisceration of the amateur world that made second life *second* and for many, *better*.

  7. Prokofy Neva

    Plus, I won’t be able to score with bunnies in the *virtual* world either.

  8. Alaska Metro

    I actually have to agree with Prok on this one. Residents who often started from nothing put a lot of thought and effort into building a business in the sex industry. Now Playboy’s coming in and doing the same thing with a huge budget. The difference between this company and others that have entered Second Life (Toyota, Telus, IBM, BBC, etc.) is that this one is DIRECTLY competing against an existing, widespread user-created industry… one that, for good or bad, has helped to make Second Life as popular as it is today.

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