Microsoft Flies A Blimp Into Second Life

Mysterious news on the Millions of Us blog this evening: it seems there’s now a Microsoft island in the virtual world of Second Life. At least, that’s what the »teleport link« in the blog entry implies. And indeed, Microsoft has a build set up on its island devoted to Visual Studio — though it’s not clear what the rest of the island is for. And then there’s the blimp, which Millions of Us clearly wants us to be interested in, especially judging from the teaser video. It’s a pretty nice blimp, actually — although if you get too close to it, it first gives you a security warning, and then teleports you to your home location! More will be revealed at a launch event at 3pm 6pm SL Time (9pm Eastern) on Thursday, 10 May. Until then, it’s interesting to note Microsoft’s presence in Second Life. Various people from Microsoft initiatives like Channel 9 have set up shop in Second Life, and a mad Microsoft marketer chose some interesting spots to make the launch of Vista, but I think this may be the first big Microsoft presence in SL. Hard to tell what it means coming out of such a sprawling company, but it will be interesting to watch. Especially if there’s something good in that blimp.

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    • ZATZAi Asturias
    • May 9th, 2007

    There’s furniture in there that link to this website here:

    Perhaps related to the nearby Style sim?

  1. So does this mean MOU are finally opening the Microsoft island that’s been sitting there for what – 6 months? I see there’s a second Microsoft island now too.

    • poppypop
    • May 9th, 2007

    Dunno, but it looks like an absolute rip off of the zepplin on avalon… All the ideas that can be made in SL and they couldnt be original? Look at this

    if that doesnt work here’s a link to click on

    Shameful copying.

    • blue sapphire
    • May 9th, 2007

    Again, I have to agree, this is very unoriginal. I’m sure I have seen a giant airship cinema in Second Life. Also the bridge, is an exact copy of the ING bridge on OurVirtualHolland.

    Whatever happened to original design?


  2. I’ve not viewed the blimp yet – or the bridge, but would also cite the zeppelin at Heartbeat Digital (itself like a rip from Avalon)

    Maybe this is the price you pay for faffing about for months! Your “original” idea is trumped by someone else.

  3. That style of bridge appears all over Second Life. I’ve not checked out an airship before, so I can’t comment on that.

    The location on Second Life has been razed and lately terraformed. There was a surface of paving stones for a while but even that is gone now. Some one left a giant “Channel 9 guy” there in the last day or so, for a nice “Easter Island” effect, but I don’t know that it will remain.

  4. But what about the building below the blimp? :)

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