Paul Verhoeven to Hold Auditions in Second Life

It seems Dutch director Paul Verhoeven (of such classics as Robocop and Showgirls, but also Soldier of Orange) will use the virtual world of Second Life to audition actors for an upcoming film. According to a press release, radio and television spots are advertising an open call for all those interested in auditioning for Black Book 2, the follow-up to Verhoeven’s popular Black Book. Starting today, “Verhoeven will hold virtual auditions in Second Life.” [Lost in the] Magic Forest, a division of Dutch media production company Revolver that issued the press release, produced a machinima spot being broadcast on Dutch television to promote the auditions (as near as I can tell through what seems to be a language barrier).

“Virtual participants in the auditions will play the role of Thom Hoffman in a scene from Black Book in front of a two-person jury,” the release says. Auditions will take place »in the Drop Zone 4 sim« in SL. “On liberation day [May 5], the jury, chaired by Paul Verhoeven, will announce the results of this unique audition in Second Life.”

It’s not entirely clear to me what Verhoeven hopes to learn about acting ability through an audition held in Second Life, but it certainly sounds like an interesting experiment. And to those who show up for the audition: Break a leg!


  1. Dylan Nagel

    Hello Mark,

    I live in the Netherlands, and here’s what one of our local news sites reports on the subject:

    ROTTERDAM – Who after seeing Black Book thought – ‘I can do better!’, will be able to show off his or her skills to director Paul Verhoeven. In the virtual world Second Life, starting this Friday people will be able to replay a scene from the movie.

    Auditions are held until April 30th in DropZone, the domain of Talpa in Second Life. Here, a virtual audition room was recreated by [Lost in the] Magic Forrest, said the Rotterdam-based company on Monday. Enrolling can be done through The winner will be announced on liberation day.

    A role in Black Book is no longer possible, but the winner may spend a day on the set of a dutch movie. The dvd van of Black Book will be released on Thursday April 26th.

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