New Barbie Dolls to Interact With Virtual World?

Barbie Girls may link to virtual world

Unless I’m much mistaken, it looks like Mattel’s new Barbie Girls, to be launched later this month, will be a physical doll that can interact with a virtual world, and should be a very interesting new experiment in that kind of crossover entertainment. is a multi-user isometric browser-based virtual world just launched by Mattel for fans of the company’s Barbie dolls. It’s pretty simple stuff (see screenshot at end of this post), but it looks like it could be tied to the company’s physical dolls in interesting ways. The Barbie Girls concept is due for a broader launch on March April 26. Mattel isn’t saying what that involves, except that “the toy blends fashion doll play, the Internet and music,” according to the L.A. Times. But clues can be found in the Barbie Girls world, where you can visit with friends, shop for clothes, earn B Bucks by playing games, and do many of the other things that are fast becoming standard in virtual worlds. If you’ve been to Habbo Hotel or CyWorld, you know what I’m talking about.

As usual, it’s the shopping that’s interesting. When I tried to buy the rather attractive pair of pedal-pushers pictured above for Walkerette, I was told to “Connect your Barbie Girl to buy this fabulous fashion!” (The “Tell me more” link, however, is blank at the moment.) That indicates to me that the physical Barbie Girls dolls will be interactive with the virtual world on the Web site. That’s a pretty interesting concept, especially if you can buy physical clothes for your Barbie Girl that match the ones she’s wearing in the virtual world. Maybe you get extra B Bucks if your physical Barbie Girl meets up in the real world with her virtual friends. Stuff like that, and more. Very cool. I’m looking forward to hearing more about this. I may even have to get myself a Barbie Girl. Uh-oh.

Barbie Girls browser-based virtual world
Walkerette at home

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    • Prokofy Neva
    • April 19th, 2007

    I want to go there.

    Didn’t the Beanie Babies have something like this tho?

    • Matthias Zander
    • April 19th, 2007

    Actually, Tamagotchi has had this for a couple of years. Theirs isn’t via USB — you take your Tamagotchi’s name and code, plug it into a website, and then as you play certain activities, codes flash up on screen for you to put into your physical Tamagotchi. These codes are how it communicates back and forth.

  1. Prokofy > Didn’t the Beanie Babies have something like this tho?

    Heck yea, but it’s not the Beanie Babies, it’s called Webkinz, these little mixed-reality stuffed animals. I bought the last two in some store a little while back. Both the person on the phone and then a different person at the register mentioned they were all the rage with kids and flying like hot cakes. Webkinz come with a number you enter into the site to release them into the virtual wilds. Here’s a pic of Beowulf and Kwello enjoying a drink. If you must know, I bought them on the way to meet up with friends at Barcade, so that’s how they got there. :)

    • Joseph
    • April 20th, 2007

    actually the beanie babies folks quietly launched something recently

  2. It will be called the Matrix Barbie.

    A socket in the back of her skull will be used to connect Barnie via common machines and public terminals cables to virtual worlds, allowing emails, IM messages and other info to be downloaded directly into the mind – ah, implemented hard drive ..

    Content then is stored in the Barbie and can be accessed via USB or Bluetooth onto other devices.

    But to be honest : why isnt there already a Barbie Theme World in Second Life ?
    Or, to protect the younger, a standalone version of a 3D – Barbieworld ?

    An btw:: when will Hot Wheels cars and tracks be accessable in 3D ?=)


    • Samantha
    • June 1st, 2007

    As a sister to a tween and a pre-schooler, and a mother to a young daughter myself, I felt I had to investigate the Barbie Girls site a little more before registration was allowed for any of the children. After I clicked the Tell Me More link, i loearned that there is an MP3 player shaped much like the virtual dolls with interchangeable accessory sets (plastic outfits that snap on and off) that will be on the market as of July. This is the barbie girl that you have to sync up to allow Private Messaging and to unlock the other outfits, furni (furniture), hairstyles, accessories, and pets for the Barbie Girls. The MP3 player is set to market @ around $60, with the accessory sets selling for $10 each. The specs on the MP3 player are a little sad, with only (approximately) 120 songs able to fit on the 512 MB internal memory. However, memory is expandable up to 2GB with an SD card slot. Also, there was little to no personal information to speak of taken during the registration (age range, screenname for account, password, and password reminder), making me feel alot less worried about the possibility of the girls’ names, addresses, or any other sensitive information.

    • Paige
    • June 19th, 2007

    So the only way to unlock furniture, clothes, and pets is to buy the $60 Mp3 player? Please contact me with any information on how to unlock items. Thank you.

  4. how do u connect yuor barbie girl?

  5. hau abuy a exstra fasion

    • mallorie
    • July 7th, 2007

    how do u unlock things?????????

  6. how do you connect with the barbie girls?

  7. Hi..
    i wont to buy a barbie girl mp3 player
    tell me where can i buy it from
    in Saudi Arabea .. please and send it to my mail
    iam waiting ..


    • lovelyjean
    • July 27th, 2007

    ya, that’s my best problem, how could I unlock things???

    pls. if you know how, pls. send an e-mail =)

    pls. i really want to buy that fashion dresses and furnis!!!! pls! lol

    • Rafaela
    • August 3rd, 2007

    eu quero a barbie girls

    • Rafaela
    • August 3rd, 2007

    i want a barbie girls

    • Rafaela
    • August 3rd, 2007

    barbie girls

  8. why is all the talk a bunch of symbls no one is speaking

  9. when my daughter plays the game now all there talking is a bunch of symbls and cant understand what any one is saying this just started happening to her
    Please contact me with an answere to this problem at we have been playing thi8si game great for some time and out of the blue no more words just letters or symbls that make no sense

  10. please im beaging you to tell me the code please please please please

  11. plz plz tell me code!!!!!!!!! plz plz plz

    • andreea
    • August 19th, 2007

    wat this code?

  12. every time my daughter puts her doll in an error message comes up saying adobe flash player 9 will run slowly and effect something or another i click no and it wont download her doll to play i click yes and the computer goes nuts i paid 70.00 for a doll she cant play i see law suite on my hands since im a lawyer fix the problem please

  13. hi i just wanted to know how to connect the barbie girl mp3 player i have it but the code is not correct.plz tell me how to do it. p.s i have had the barbie girls mp3 player for ages and i am getting annoyed plz help bye.

  14. Hello. I wonder if you might tell me the code to link my car with the Barbie Girl website please, since you obviously built and maintain the entire system and know everything about it. I have tried driving the car into my living room but it still did not connect, and, what’s more, it flattened the cat.

  15. where do i connnect my barbie girl pls answer me

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