Metaverse Roadmap Report Previewed on CNet

Kudos to CNet writer Dan Terdiman for his scoop of the report that’s been emerging from the Metaverse Roadmap summit we attended last spring. Dan has a nice story up today on a draft version of the report he obtained. It doesn’t seem to be online yet, nor has it been distributed to participants (of which I was one), so I can’t link it for you, but check out Dan’s story, as well as some of last spring’s coverage for an idea of what it contains. I’ll blog it some more once I see it myself. Which will probably be sometime next week, as I have a wedding to go to tomorrow in Rio, though this seemed worth taking a moment to blog. Let me know what you think if you see it before I do.


  1. Jerry Paffendorf

    Haha, ah just let it fork, Adam. Multiple pathways, lots of voices, more than one way to skin a metaverse. And there is a wiki that all the inputs here get pulled in from. Here’s the wiki itself.

    I’m excited, the last year has been so crazy all the way around. The Summit we did to start the project was well before virtual worlds really hit the press hard and so much has happened in the last year. I think the report does a good job getting its hands off the specifics of the present and painting the spaces to watch intersect and mutually reinforce: Virtual Worlds, Mirror Worlds, Augmented Reality, Lifelogging (all written large, so virtual worlds includes video games and persistent MMOs, and lifelogging includes camera-on-your-head stuff like Justin.TV and persistent online identity, etc.). It’ll be out in a couple of weeks or so, first it’s going back out to people who attended last year’s Summit for final input and then the team will look at that and Jamais will work some more magic and a graphic designer will give it another paint job and sew a button on it ;). And then we’ll see what happens. ASF has plans for where to take it, but a lot will depend on the signals we get back from people who are interested in supporting it and taking it further.

    Anyway, more on this soon enough! Sorry for being slow to respond on the post. I’ve been online but off the blogs the last week, so I’m missing all the hot action.