Teledildonics Coming to Croquet

Teledildonics coming to Croquet virtual world-building platform

Second Life resident and Fo3 qDot Bunnyhug, one of the top teledildonics engineers in the world, has a new project: The Naughtyizing of Croquet. Yes, the humble roboticist from Arkansas Oklahoma is going to spend the month of April hooking a variety of motorized sex toys to the open-source virtual world-building platform Croquet. qDot pioneered teledildonics in Second Life about a year and a half ago, and gave a great demo at SXSW06 of a vibrator that could be remotely controlled by an Xbox controller. Now he’s got his sights set on Croquet, which should provide fertile ground for the kind of remote sexuality of which qDot is a master. Plus which, if there’s anything that’s going to focus attention on a platform that’s not getting enough, it’s sex. What I loved about qDot’s rap at SXSW was that he sees teledildonics not so much as a tool for cheap Internet hookups as a way to bring couples who are separated for whatever reason closer together. For qDot, it’s more about the love than about the sex. Stay tuned at Slashdong, his blog, for continuing reports.


  1. Heizeus Khan

    Oh. My. God.

    At this rate, we’re only a few short years away from having our robot servants rise against us, start a war, then disappear for 40 years only to return as hot, blonde synthetic humans and destroy all but a small group of our entire species.

  2. qDot Bunnyhug





    Please? :D

    Also: Fo3? What’s that? When I search for it on, it can’t find it but instead gives me Biznizzle, which I suppose works.

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  5. Chris

    It’ll be interesting to see how this develops. The idea of bringing people together in first world through second is great. One step closer to teleporting.