Wii Interface for SL as Soon as Friday?

Wii controller for the virtual world of Second Life on its way
Gideon Wiis in Second Life (photo by Glitchy)

Gideon May of the team behind Lifecrawler showed up at the Virtual Worlds 2007 conference today with a laptop and a Wii controller that’s he’s begun hacking to control his avatar in the virtual world of Second Life. You can already move your avatar around using the Wii controller’s D-pad with Gideon’s system, and he just needs to find a Radio Shack and buy some hardware and he’s going to try to make avatar navigation a gestural function of the Wii controller — by the metaverse meetup on Friday! Awesome. After that, it’s on to using the force feedback system to indicate collisions, and hack out some alternate controller schemes that would allow a user to navigate their avatar via the keyboard but play games within Second Life by waving the Wiimote around. Neither Glitchy nor I could think of anyone who’s done this before, though it seems so cool and obvious. Let us know if you’re in New York and you want to lend Gideon a hand.


  1. Lordfly

    Interesting. My thought banging around my head about the wiimote + SL would be two wiimotes interacting in 3d space for rapid building. Stretching them away from each other to stretch the prim, rotating around, etc.

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  3. Fire Centaur (English Village in SL)

    This is amazing. I was wondering when this convergence would happen. I can see many benefits with wii integration. I am the owner of English Village in SL – we are a language learning SIM, if glitchy can pull this off, I can see many instructional benefits… if my understanding is correct, the WII can sense which direction the controller is pointing… if we had two, one for each hand, could we not attach a particle emitting script to an avatars hand, map the WII controller to that hand, and thus – draw on a whiteboard in SL??? How about graffiti? Juggling anyone?

    Im looking forward to seeing what he comes up with!



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  5. rikomatic

    I played with it at the Metaverse Meet up last night. It’s really fun and intuitive. I’d love to see the numchuck add-on used for other manipulations, like building and game play, as Lordfly says.

    Congrats on this!

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  8. William Ward

    Gideon’s demo was awesome. While they ready the release of their open source code, take a look at DarwiinRemote, a mouse-like driver for the WiiMote on the Mac. Details at my blog and a link to Windows and Linux drivers. It’s not as good as a dedicated driver for SL, but it will give you a taste of the possibilities in the meantime. You need a bluetooth-capable PC to talk to the Wiimote, and you can pick up a spare Wiimote for $40 or so at the usual electronics stores, provided they’re not sold out.


    Had a great time last night, thanks to all who attended!

  9. Prokofy Neva

    I watched in with interest. My question is whether it breaks immersion. I wouldn’t want to add it on myself. It would mean re-positioning “the fourth wall,” the Proscenium Arch.

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