MTV Announces Virtual Pimp My Ride

MTV also announced they’d be launching Virtual Pimp My Ride that will let users customize their virtual rides in Virtual Laguna Beach, as well as hold drag races and participate in other aspects of car culture. The world will build out a pretty good piece of Van Nuys as well as a superhighway that will connect VLB with Van Nuys, according to Matt Bostwick giving a keynote at VW07. Bostwick also said LogoWorld, the planned MTV world for lesbian and gay viewers, would be launched shortly as well. More details as they emerge. Just wanted to get the news out.


  1. jacklene

    how do u get this game???i want it soo badly and my friends being mean and wont tell me the website she downloaded it from. so plz mtv pimp my gameage. thnx 4 listening