CBS Bringing Star Trek to SL Via Electric Sheep

CBS will bring a Star Trek build to the virtual world of Second LifeLes Moonves, president and CEO of CBS (yes, the television network), spoke about media convergence in his keynote speech yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show, and in the same breath mentioned a number of projects the network has going — including a planned Star Trek build in the virtual world of Second Life, which will be handled by the Electric Sheep Company (3pointD’s sponsors). Moonves also mentioned projects in the works with other partners, such as Sling Media and YouTube. Linden Lab founder and CEO Philip Rosedale took the stage with Moonves to demo Second Life and show a Sheep-produced machinima apparently featuring an early version of the Star Trek build. Nice for the Sheep and Linden Lab to be involved in such a partnership — and to be mentioned in the company of a site that was bought for $1.65 billion. This is also part of the growing trend of media convergence with virtual worlds that I’ve been so interested in lately. And Moonves says there’s more to come. “Anything is possible,” Moonves said. “Audiences know that, content people know that, and innovators in the digital space know that. In the weeks and months to come, we’ll have a lot more news on how we’ll be working with the interactive community in ways both big and small.”


  1. epredator potato

    I had noticed a fair amount of Star Trek in SL already, so this makes for an intersting ‘how to they blend’ type conversation.
    I must say I am looking forward to this and I just wish I had gone to CES :-)
    I suppose many of us have been infleunced growing up with star trek around. I was getting worried with the franchise not having anything around the young’ens would miss out.
    It will be blakes 7 next?

  2. Deeeep Witte

    Wow… was just yesterday talking to Kenny about how great it would be to have TV serials roleplay inside SL… Where is my SL Jack Bauer saving the whole sim from these nasty Russian hyjackers? That would take griefing to a whole new level!

  3. Hu Benedek

    wow… everybody will explore the wheel :-D lokk the Borg Princess & Central Plexus.. she has a real things for Star Trek fans. I got my 7of9 eyething also from there…

    have a nice day

  4. a SL idiot

    There’s already a Star Trek sim called Galaxy (or at least there was last time I visited that sim). Will they have to stop being Star Trek?

  5. FlipperPA Peregrine

    One thing that’s really cool about this is that the content creator who made most of the Star Trek stuff in SL – Chosen Few, who runs the Sci-Fi Museum in Indigo (and my friend) – was hired by Electric Sheep to do the set design. The detail in all his builds in incredible. :)

  6. Katrina Bixby

    Galaxy the largest, Trek sim in SL is out standing, we excellent builds and super beautiful structures. We certainly are the most active with over 677 members/trek fans. And by far we have the most organized group with weekly events, membership meetings, active security, personnel, medical and other divisions. The Galaxy team has the best role plays and much more. CBS in game sounds nice! Hope they work with us to expand the Trek universe in SL.

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  9. Trekkie

    There is a new website dedicated to exploring the lessons of Star Trek. It is at Check it out!