More Real Stuff To Buy With L$

Tony Walsh comic books for sale on SLBoutique

I love it. Clickable Culture‘s Tony Walsh is selling copies of his He Is Just A Rat comic book series (which he wrote and drew) for Linden dollars, the virtual currency of Second Life. The comics are available for L$2,000 exclusively on SLBoutique, one of the major SL shopping Web sites. Tony’s comics aren’t the first real item to be sold for L$ on an SL shopping site, but I like that he’s putting them up for sale there. The ability to make money within the confines of Second Life is regularly trotted out by residents, journalists and Linden Lab, but it seems there might also be potential to make some spare cash on the edges, by marketing real items to a captive virtual audience. Not everyone wants to spend their L$ on prim skirts, after all. Why not provide them with some physical goods they can spend their virtual money on?

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  1. FlipperPA Peregrine

    I think we’ll be seeing more and more of this. Something I’d love to do is give buyers the ability to sell audio files, which would naturally mashup nicely with the thriving and diverse live music community. This is much cooler than the computer hardware I sold as proof of concept, since it’s a artistic creation made by an SL resident!

    Three cheers! :)