Firefly Series to Become MMO on Multiverse

Fans of the short-lived series Firefly will be interested to learn that the show’s ‘verse will be turned into a massively multiplayer online game on the Multiverse platform, at least a beta version of which should be available by sometime in 2008. I’ve just done a story on it for, where you can read more details, but note that they haven’t chosen a development team yet, so it’s anyone’s guess what the final game will look and feel like. Here’s hoping it’s as cool as the series. Which rocked.


  1. Tyranor Horus

    Its an absolutely stunning show…and I fear that the game may be just as dissapointing as SWG. But hey, it might just bring back my faith in conventional MMOs! I have my doubts of course, but hey, heres to optimism in the MMO industry.