Firefly Series to Become MMO on Multiverse

Fans of the short-lived series Firefly will be interested to learn that the show’s ‘verse will be turned into a massively multiplayer online game on the Multiverse platform, at least a beta version of which should be available by sometime in 2008. I’ve just done a story on it for, where you can read more details, but note that they haven’t chosen a development team yet, so it’s anyone’s guess what the final game will look and feel like. Here’s hoping it’s as cool as the series. Which rocked.

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  1. So Walker is a Browncoat huh? This thing gets so much attention for being a cancelled show, I just might have to break down and watch it one day.

  2. omg dude, you’ve never seen it? It really is exceptional. Go, Joss Whedon.

    • Tyranor Horus
    • December 8th, 2006

    Its an absolutely stunning show…and I fear that the game may be just as dissapointing as SWG. But hey, it might just bring back my faith in conventional MMOs! I have my doubts of course, but hey, heres to optimism in the MMO industry.

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