Whirlpool Lands on Google Earth via SketchUp

Whirlpool appliance models in SketchUp 2D Warehouse for Google Earth

Here’s one I missed while I was away: It looks like Appliance maker Whirlpool has become the first big company to upload 3D models of its products to the 3D Warehouse of objects for use in SketchUp, which can in turn be imported into Google Earth. I spotted this on Ogle Earth, which notes, “Expect everybody else to follow suit. In a few years, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ll be able to push a “buy” button in SketchUp and have your inventory of virtual home furniture materialize on your doorstep. With a cut to Google, of course.” What Stefan means is that physical versions of the furniture from your virtual home will be delivered to your real-life doorstep. I love this idea (which, it must be noted, is already happening here and there). Here’s the press release, and Whirlpool’s 3D Warehouse page.

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  1. David Greiman

    I wish they’d spend their money on making better products rather than fancy 3D diagrams. My fridge just had its start relay kit go bad! Grrr… The item read, “Made in Mexico” and “Made in Korea”. Interesting that one small part is a joint effort between two countries.