Interactive Calendar for Second Life

PixelTrix interactive calendar for the virtual world of Second Life

I always love coming across new useful applications that can be used in the virtual world of Second Life (especially now that I’m looking for stuff for the 3pedia wiki). Via a recent post on BlogHUD about an in-world RSS reader in development by resident Intolerable Ginsburg, I happened on the PixelTrix calendar, which I’ve set up at the »3pointD Think Tank« in Second Life. Though the process is slightly complex, the calendar can be loaded with notecards that emit event reminders or display what’s going on on a given date when the day is clicked. I haven’t loaded any into the 3pointD calendar, but I’ve set it to be accessible to anyone, so if you have an event upcoming, feel free to load it onto the calendar. You can buy your own at the »PixelTrix store«, run by Cherub Spectre and Nathan Oddfellow, where you can also buy interactive message boards, texture organizers, a customer service bell and answering machine, and various kinds of furniture all fitted out to store and organize inventory items. Nice stuff.


  1. C.C. Chapman

    Well now, that is exactly what I’ve been looking for and you caused me to run out and buy one. Looking forward to checking it out and trying it.

    Quite a cool little store there that PixelTrix has going on. Going to keep an eye on them.

  2. Prokofy Neva

    PixelTrix rules. Their storage stuff is really great. I haven’t bought them, but I go all the time and look at them and plan to buy them, which is almost as fun.

    I’m going to stick with Yahoo Calendar for RL, but for SL this might work.