Buyout For Second Life Search Site

Second411, a Web-based search site covering items in the virtual world of Second Life, has sold its service to an anonymous buyer for an undisclosed price, according to a Second411 blog post put up early Wednesday morning. Does this mean more such deals are on the way? Second411 owner Hal9k Andalso found his new Fabjectory service, which offers real-world models of Second Life avatars (and which fabbed me my Walker Spaight avatar), was consuming all of his time, and put the service up for sale several days ago. No clue yet as to who the buyer was. But the sale raises an interesting question: With venture capital now poking around Second Life and virtual world services companies (more than one of the Big Three are said to have already won small first rounds), does this mean the market for investing in or acquisitions of third-party SL services is about to bubble up?

Second411 was one of the earliest SL search sites to come online, and offered a bare-bones service providing SLurl teleportation links to items in a database that was populated for the most part by shop vendors. Second411’s best feature, however, was that you could also search for items using a free, wearable in-world heads-up display that let you search from within Second Life. While the site listed only about 5,500 objects (versus tens of thousands on sites like SLBoutique and SLExchange), around 4,000 HUDs had been given out, which in Second Life is a fairly high rate of adoption.

Have you heard of similar deals in the works, or of other sites that are looking for buyers? Drop us a line.

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