Are Virtual Worlds the Next Big Thing?

Corey Bridges of Multiverse, the free virtual world development platform now in beta, sends along an article from TCS Daily that argues that 3D online worlds are the “Next Big Thing” and compares their history so far with the early history of Netscape. The Multiverse team, of course, is largely made up of Netscape alums, including Cory and Bill Turpin, who led the start-up company on which Netscape built its browser. (“This article’s a bit dense,” says Cory, “but it’s an interesting read. And not just because it’s favorable to Multiverse.”) From the article: “We are . . . on the cusp of the Next Big Thing and those who are ready for the transition to 3D virtual worlds will be far ahead of the game.” Good food for thought there. Recommended reading.


  1. Troy McLuhan

    Multiverse is in closed beta right now, but they also have a client in “pre-release status” that anyone can download off their website and use to view a sample world they’ve created. I downloaded it yesterday, created a free Multiverse account, jumped in to the sample world, and…

    It didn’t suck.

    I encourage you to try it out. Maybe the eSheep (sponsors of this blog LOL) could give you some of their general impressions… they are one of the beta testers.

  2. Eric Rice

    I’d be curious to not ask the pros, but ask the users, of video games, about the future of virtual worlds or virtual world functionality.

    No developers. At all.

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