New Pierce Portocarrero Machinima

Game Over, a Second Life machinima piece by Pierce PortocarreroSecond Life resident Pierce Portocarrero, one of the virtual world’s most gifted creators of the in-world filmmaking art known as machinima, has been on hiatus of late. He returns this week with a new piece that’s even better than the ones I’ve seen before. Check out Game Over, which aired in-world as part of the latest monthly machinima festival run by Alt-Zoom Studios. Seemingly a parable of love in the age of self-replicating objects (or something like that), the short film features some truly creative character models, an excellently ambiguous plot and ending, and acting that’s conveyed very well through animations and completely without dialogue. It’s a really excellent piece, including in its camerawork and editing. All we need now is for credit rolls to come to machinima, so we’d know if it was Pierce doing all the work or whether there are other people who deserve some kudos as well. Whatever the case, it’s nice stuff, and we look forward to more.


  1. Torley

    Here I am spotting Haney across the SLogosphere. ;)

    Still frames from this look like they could be paintings unto their own, and I’m curious to learn what post-processing effects Pierce used to give it such a light bloom. It certainly looks more airy than our default visuals, which in turn makes me hope we get more advanced pixelshaders.

    Wouldn’t it be quite something to have realtime visuals that glow so much? SL’s default contrast doesn’t seem very dynamic — I wouldn’t mind, or more accurately, would love to supersaturate elements.

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  3. NinjaWax

    I’m surprised you’ve never mentioned ‘The Movies’ ( ) from Lionhead in regards to machinima. It has an interface similar to The Sims 2 except geared towards making movies. There is no multiplayer component but over 100,000 machinima movies have been created with it and uploaded to their online machinima database (see url).

  4. Prokofy Neva

    This is quite a stunning accomplishment. PP has pulled off what few people attempt — making a world where you are NEVER reminded that you are in Second Life — *using* Second Life as a platform but making a completely stand-alone world within it with creatures that have their own lives.

    The only giveaway was a tiny glimpse of that freebie tea crate in one of the scenes LOL.

    It reminds me of the tour de force of Uncle George Sims who took the offline sims and completely skinned it over and customized the objects to make an Alice in Wonderland world.

    The visuals and movements are stunning, the only thing that falls down a bit for me is the narrative cohesion. I found myself just not getting the story and bogging down toward the end. Guess I’ll have to watch it again.

    Amazing work that gives you a glimpse of the possibilies of SL as a cheap sort of cartoon-making studio with a fraction of production costs.