Scottish Girl Rockers to Gig in Second Life

Scottish group the Hedrons to gig in Second Life
Rosie from The Hedrons strums a few virtual chords

Girl group The Hedrons are a good-looking Glaswegian quartet playing straight-ahead rock tunes a la, oh, the Ramones or the White Stripes or any number of bands between the two. It’s pretty good stuff, actually, and it’s coming to the virtual world of Second Life on Monday, October 9 at 7:30pm British time (11:30am SL time), when the band will do a live 30-minute set to promote their album, One More Won’t Kill Us, which drops the same day.

The Hedrons will do the real-world part of the gig from Scotland’s Radio Clyde, and will also provide a shoutcast stream. The band is promoting themselves as “the first UK artists to do a gig in SL,” mostly based on the fact that Duran Duran hasn’t got there yet.

The SL show will take place at a new venue called the Hedro Dome [<-- SL link], which has apparently been built out by a concern called PVG Concerts, whom I’d not heard of before. Virtual swag will be on sale, needless to say, along with the band’s new single, I Need You, which will be available either for digital download or in a 7″ vinyl version, both of which will be purchasable via a Web site linked from within SL.

Oops: Just logged on to check out the Hedro Dome and who should I run into but Rosie herself, the Hedrons’ lead guitarist, who was checking out both the place and the highly detailed avatar that was being created for her. Rosie was quite impressed with the avatar, its guitar and the club itself. “Will there be big fat bouncers on the door?” she wanted to know.

The band’s avs, it seems, will be controlled by other people while the band members themselves are busy with their real-world instruments. After the gig, the band members will hop into their own avs to chat with fans. It sounds like the gig should be good fun, and a nice way to get an ear on some good music. Hopefully, the lag won’t be too bad. I’m looking forward to it in any case. And for an early look, there will apparently be a DJ spinning Hedrons tunes and taking requests on Friday, September 29, at 1:00pm SL time, in the club. Rock on.


  1. Prokofy Neva

    >The band’s avs, it seems, will be controlled by other people while the band members themselves are busy with their real-world instruments.

    Sounds good. That’s the way to do it. So can we be sure the Lindens won’t prosecute them for violating password protection, or rather, could we get the Lindens, using this precedent, to stop their incessant prosecution of others for this crime and lighten up?

  2. Zenigma Suntzu

    I’m sure Slim Warrior, Mel Cheeky and the host of UK artists already pioneering music in Second Life will be happy to welcome the “first UK artists to do a gig in SL”. Perhaps they’ll tutor the newcomers in how to run their own avatars ;)

  3. Mel Cheeky

    ‘The first UK artists to do a gig in SL’?? I’m sorry, I thought that Slim, Melvin, myself and many other were Brits? Have we not been playing live shows every week in SL since we joined. I believe that Slim was in fact the first UK artist to do a gig in SL – maybe the ladies should have worded things better. Maybe the first UK band to play in SL. I’m sorry to say that I’ve never heard of the Hedrons, but I do wish them well. I didn’t even know they played in SL – so I’m not sure where things were advertised. Some PR needs to do their homework. :P