CNet Launches Second Life Site

CNet headquarters in the virtual world of Second Life

CNet News, where friend of 3pointD Daniel Terdiman writes about virtual worlds, online games and cyberculture, among other things, has launched a permanent presence in the virtual world of Second Life. Located on the sim belonging to virtual-world services company Millions of Us, which built out the site, there’s a nice building modeled loosely after CNet’s San Francisco offices, complete with an amphiteater where CNet reporters can do interviews, give talks and stream media. Terdiman himself will do a regular series of interviews in the space, and give talks about recent stories he’s written. The site marks the first of what should prove to be several entrants from among the tech media that are planning to enter SL on a long-term basis. CNet’s launch gives it a head start, and Terdiman’s commitment to SL should keep things going, but it will be interesting to see what the other installations have on offer in terms of interactivity and things like news feeds. It will be nice to have more news coming into the world, in whatever form.


  1. Rik Riel

    It’s very cool seeing CNET establish a beachhead in SL. the building itself is little more than an empty shell, with a couple floors marked for “offices.” It would be nice to see some of the content from CNET, i.e. the reviews, features, shopping guides, and videos available in-world.

  2. Prokofy Neva

    Cool seeing a news service come inworld, lame that they didn’t go on the mainland where there is more free-flowing interactivity and more challenges and things to study than in the country club. AND most important, really inexusable, that CNET, as a hitherto credible and independent news service, despite Daniel’s deep friendliness with LL and Walker Spaight here on 3pointd, decided to cloud the perception of their impartial news coverage by being nested with Millions of Us on their sim. Imagine if The New York Times just moved into Trump Tower and only celebrated the Donald. Freedom of the press belongs to him who owns one. CNET should have their own island, or if they don’t have a budget, their own 4096 m2 on the mainland. Is Daniel just going to serve as a feed for MOU projects now? Will he cover them critically?

  3. Giff Constable

    I’m glad to see this launch. Prok, not going to say that it’s not a valid watchdog question, but I think Daniel takes journalistic ethics quite seriously and I’m sure that his reporting will remain the same no matter where the SL office is. I remember his cnet article on “age play” in SL, which could have been totally sensationalist nonsense in the hands of some journalists, but daniel did a stand up job.

  4. Prokofy Neva

    Forseti, Daniel can do a stand-up job without right-clicking, sitting down, and “setting home to here” in ESCland or MOUland. He can still club around with the ESCs and the MOUs without playing literally from their clubhouse, seems to me.

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  6. Dean Collins

    ……Yep and how many repeat visits are they actually getting? Have people on Digg actually found anything worth doing at any of these brand name supersites listed?

    My company are delivering a voice audio hotspot technology for Second Life built on Mexuar Corraleta SDK and Asterisk that enables speech – yes I know Linden Labs is working on their own ‘super voice’ solution….I’ll believe it when I see it – our advantage is we use off world Asterisk servers and java browser pops to initiate voice so no …laaaggggg :)

    Maybe if people are actually able to use voice they might actually be able to implement activities worth being involved in.


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  9. Angelo

    Hello guys!
    I would like to post to try to add new elements to discussions here :-)
    Thanks for reading

    About, Second life, don’t you think that there’s the risk of confusing real life with virtual one? Did you hear recently about the Chinese web surfer who died after staying 2 interrupted days acting the role of a virtual caracther in I don’t remember which web community?

    There’s the risk of see 2ndLife as a escape from reality.. I suggest that SL owners should limit the time spend inside at 2 hours a day or less.. even if this could reduce their profits :-)
    what do you think about?
    Thanks for reading

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  11. Avery

    That’s a good news.I wish I could be there,so that I can learn more from Terdiman.Anyway,thank you very much for this message.