Scion Driving Into Second Life?

Hot on the heels of Adidas Reebok comes a rumor that Toyota automobile line Scion is about to launch a project in the virtual world of Second Life. This one apparently comes courtesy of Reuben Steiger’s Millions of Us, according to one SL resident. I haven’t seen Reuben this morning to ask him about it, but he’s on the last panel before lunch at the Second Life Community Convention today so expect more news by noontime. The move would make sense for Scion, which aims at a younger set and already has a “build your own” feature on its Web site. As far as I know, this would be the first real-world auto model to come into SL. No word yet on who created the virtual version of the car, or which models will be involved, but chances are it was Francis Chung, currently SL’s hottest carmaker, whose Dominus Shadow fetched a pretty penny at auction to benefit the American Cancer Society recently.


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  2. csven

    I’ll be interested in seeing which vehicle since I’ve long thought Scion the perfect car brand for this sort of thing. Be cool if it’s the one I mentioned last year.

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