Visit the Eiffel Tower in Second Life

Eiffel Tower in the virtual world of Second Life

Just a quick post to flag a replica of the Eiffel Tower in the virtual world of Second Life, which I came across while browsing SL resident Kryptonia Paperdoll’s Flickr stream. Makes for some nice screenshots, and possibly a good place for a romantic moment, of an evening, as the upper deck comes complete with champagne bottles and loving poses you can strike with your paramour while you gaze out at a sunset and a few streets with Paris-like builds scattered around. What I like about the build itself is its scale. You can see me hanging in space there just to the left of the tower. Like the real thing, the SL tower is proportioned to impress — though relative to SL, of course. It’s not the breathtaking icon that the is the real thing, nor is it even a scale model, but it seemed a nice quiet spot in the viritual world. The tower’s upper deck can be found at New Paris (127, 118, 71) [<-- SL link], or click in the SLurlPane at the top of the right column here, while the link lasts.


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