Croquet Gets Its Avatars On

Avatars imported into Croquet

Mark McCahill at the Croquet-Bento blog sends news that it’s now possible to import avatars and animations designed in the Poser modeling and animation package into Croquet, the open-source, collaborative workspace/OS/virtual world/thinget. McCahill even found some Second Life avatars for Poser and imported those into the space. This is actually a much more important development than simple cosmetics. The biggest complaint heard after the recent round of truly impressive demos of Croquet is echoed in McCahill’s post: “I’ll be very happy to stop looking at the rabbit, the chicken, and Alice” — the three crude and static avatars that Croquet has featured thus far. Having reasonable avatars in Croquet should help drive adoption. Now: Anyone else out there using this stuff? Drop us a line.


  1. Scott McMillin

    That’s really exciting, thanks for the news, Mark. As Croquet gains features such as this I wonder if it will get some of the SL early adopters interested in it. That ‘tabula rasa’ feeling that Croquet now has certainly make my hacker-sense tingle in the same way that SL did back in beta.

  2. Mark Wallace

    It’s free, Prok. You just download the app and go. Of course, it’s apparently a good deal more complicated than that at this point. But it’s all peer-to-peer, so there’s no central authority

  3. Prokofy Neva

    I realize it’s free. I’ve been there a number of times to look at it, and even got on it once, but it’s horribly hard to work for the non-initiated. I’m just wondering if land sells there yet, probably not.

  4. Mark Wallace

    Yeah, I think it’s still pretty clunky as far as the non-tekkiwikki end-user goes. I haven’t heard of any land sales. Although I don’t think land is the same kind of limited resource there. I could see people charging to set up your land, though. But I think once you have your own copy of Croquet going, you have access to pretty much unlimited space, it’s just a matter of building something useful into it. I suppose you could build rental units or something and “sell” land that way?

  5. Prokofy Neva

    How do people make a contiguous world if they each have their own copy on their own servers (if that’s the model). Where do they meet-up? How?

    Also, the concept of land only having value if it is “value-add” beyond the land, i.e. theme, zoning, interesting houses, etc. is something the Lindens are always trying to drill in — since a year ago when they pushed this concept in a town hall.They want to stress content uber alles, and land as merely a substrate — nothing intrinsically valuable in the land itself, like RL.