Webtakes on the Metaverse Roadmap

Now that the Metaverse Roadmap has been Slashdotted, it must qualify as a real live meme. A number of other sites and bloggers have been weighing in on the subject over the last few days, though. A selection of takes from the Web (besides my own):

Jamais Cascio, one of the attendees, weighs in ahead of the summit, and, with slightly more caution, after (as well as along the way).

Raph Koster’s Roadmap roundup and his further thoughts, in which he highlights one of my favorite ideas when thinking about things like this: technology should follow needs. (Which is not to say that it’s my ideas, just one I like.)

Ethan Zuckerman’s takes on the roadmap, its opening sessions, Croquet, the American Cancer Society‘s work in the metaverse, and Michael Liebhold’s tricorder vision of the metaverse (which was very cool).

Daniel Terdiman’s CNet article.

John Swords’s brief farewell to Menlo Park. (John is my podcasting partner over at the soon-to-be-launched Metaverse Sessions.)

. . . and Stefan Geens mashup linking Google Earth to Second Life . . .

among others.


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